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Organizational Development, Personal Development, Feasibility Analysis, Strategic Planning, Organizational Design, Systems Development, Performance Management, Operations Planning.Organization, Process, Performance.Marketing, Sales, Production, Service, Support.Marketing: Feasibility, Research, Focus Groups, Methodology, Strategy, Systems, Analysis, Management, Training.Sales: Methodology, Strategy, Systems, Validation, Analysis, Management, Training, Coaching, Recognition. Technology: Website, Telephony, MIS.Human Resources: Organizational Design, Position Profile, Job Description, Compensation, Benefits, Training Systems, Performance Management Systems, Recruitment, Interviews, Screening, Selection, Orientation, Training, Direction, Supervision, Feedback, Motivation, Discipline, Termination, Record Keeping, Development, Succession Planning.Accounting: Finance, Accounting Systems, Cash, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Property, Plant & Equipment, Accounts Payable, Debt, Revenue, Cost of Sales, Labor, Payroll, Payroll Taxes, Sales Taxes, Income Taxes, Interest Expense.Compliance: Taxes, Safety, Legal, FDA, Regulatory.Christopher Hill: Christopher D. Hill, Birmingham Alabama, University of Alabama, CPA, Army, Price Waterhouse, International Forest Seed Company, Birmingham Job Shop, Career Assistance Ministry, Career Solutions, Workplace Solutions, American Red Cross Biomedical Services, The Altamont, Nortonís Florist, Birmingham Theological Seminary, Accounting Major, Master in Biblical Counseling.Major Clients: American Red Cross, Protective Industrial Insurance Company, Corinthian Healthcare, Nortonís Florist.Biblical Counseling: God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Trinity, Payer, Scripture, Bible, Fellowship, Salvation, Sanctification, Grace, Love, Judgment, Justice, Peace, Joy, Contentment, Praise, Worship, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Self Control, Florist for Change, Florist Best Practices.